Hello! Welcome.

I am Alicia, an online Spanish teacher.

I can teach you to speak fluent Spanish, to improve it if you have already reached a certain level, or to learn from the very beginning if you have no previous knowledge of the language.

Contact me by filling out the form below and receive a free 60-minute trial class.

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Why do you want to learn Spanish?

What has raised your interest in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries? Are you coming to live in one of them? For work? For love? Are you a student looking to join an exchange programme? Are you planning to travel to Spain on holiday?... Tell me exactly what you are interested in, and that will set the tone for your classes. They will be taylor-made to your specific purpose.

I can adapt to your needs

I can adapt to your schedule, your level of Spanish, your needs and your preferences in conversation (films, traditions, culture, food, festivals, travel, work, sport...)

I offer a free, non-binding trial class

Totally free and without obligation.

A 60-minute trial lesson.

Just send me the form above, filled it with your personal information and I will personally contact you.

Skype and Google Drive

We will use Skype (or Zoom) and Google Drive.

We will work for 60 minutes.

At the end, if you are still interested, we will arrange a new class: day, time, contents and price.