Online Spanish Teacher – Alicia Calderón


My name is Alicia Calderón.

I am from Mérida, a world heritage Spanish town.

I have a Bacherlor’s Degree in Information Technology Engineering from the University of Extremadura and I am an online teacher of Spanish as well.

I have always been fond of languages. At present, I am studying English at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (an official, state-run language school for adults) and I am also doing an online course in Japanese.

Studying English is understandable, isn’t it? But why am I studying Japanese too? Well, it is simply because I love films and series from that country! Two of my favourite films are If Cats Disappeared from the World and Ruroni Kenshin. I also liked the dorama Bitter Blood... and many others! But I had better drop the subject of films and keep telling you a bit more about myself:

Of course, I am passionate about travelling. I enjoy meeting people from abroad and learning about their way of life, their environment, their traditions...

If you feel the same and you want to get to know a bit about my town, here is a useful link:

By the way, you can spot me in this video, broadcast by TVE (Spanish public television). I am walking over the Roman bridge in a blue shirt and sunglasses. I did not know I was being recorded, but I can recognize myself and I figure that I had just been jogging along the river. Sport is another of my passions.

I hope you will bring yourself to learn Spanish with me.

See you!